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Evergreen Implement Company currently has 14 towers up and running throughout our dealership area. We have also teamed up with Valley Plains Equipment in Crookston, in order to broaden network coverage with their existing towers. Stop in and visit with one of our Integrated Solutions Consultants to see if you're covered by one of our existing towers. We're continually evaluating our current coverage to determine the best RTK signal for our customers; contact us to discuss possibilities of establishing a base station in your local area.

Benefits of RTK signal:

  • +/- 1 inch accuracy within a 12 mile radius from base station
  • Eliminate signal drifting
  • Year-to-year repeatability: travel the same guidance lines year after year

Applications of RTK signal:

  • Guidance: AutoTrac, iTec Pro
  • Section control: Swath Control Pro/Section Control, RowCommand
  • Controlled-traffic: Prevent and eliminate soil compaction
  • Controlled-application: Strip tillage/planting, side-dressing
  • Documentation: Field boundaries, elevation recordings, coverage mapping

RTK Base Station Map:

Evergreen Implement Company Base Stations Map