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A&I Products offer alternative parts for all brands.


Hay Tool Parts

A&I Products has a long list of parts for hay season. That list continues to grow daily:
Bale points/spears, beet harvester rim, belting chains/sprockets/pulleys/hebs disc mower blades, driveline, flail mower blades, guards, hay tool, hitch & linkage, recapper, rotary cutter blades, sickle, teeth, tillage, LED lights, grease gun, fluid film and more!

Tractor Parts

A&I Products is proud to provide over 160,000 part numbers for the agricultural aftermarket. A large number of those parts are for tractor applications.

Belts & Belting

A&I Products' inventory includes more than 7,000 belt numbers for over 75,000 ag, lawn & garden, industrial, automotive, combine, baler, swather and more.

Combine Parts

A&I Products has become the world's largest manufacturer and distributor of combine parts. A&I Products and Loewen Manurfacturing offer both standard and premium quality products. Get your Stalk StrikerTM from A&I Products.

Ignition & Electrical

A&I Products' inventory includes a large variety and number of electric parts.


A&I Products distributes a wide range of bearings from manufacturers that focus on quality and dependability. A&I Products offers Timken premium bearings as well as economical replacement bearings.

Lights & Bulbs

A&I Products has over 70 different types of lights to offer including LED, HID, work lamps, round and rectangular headlamps, warning lamps, sealed beams, and composite bulbs. You will find flood, trapezoid, and spotlight options for any application - 6V or 12V.