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Large, reconfigurable cargo box
  • The M-Gator™ A1 has a unique, reconfigurable cargo box:

    • 0.41 m3 (14.4 ft3)
    • 1148 mm x 1511 mm x 234 mm (45.2-in. long x 59.5-in. wide x 9.2-in. deep)
    • 10-gauge steel construction
    • 454-kg (1000-lb) capacity
    • Power lift is standard
    • Cargo box positions
      • Tailgate down with one side down
      • Tailgate down with both sides down
      • Tailgate—90 and 180 degrees
    • Eight external tie-downs (three on left and right sides, two on tailgate)
    • Six internal tie-downs
    • Two floor access points for tie-down rings
    • Internal tie-downs positioned to hold two litter carriers
    • Frame reinforcements to support heavy payloads and air drop
    • Tailgate 180 degrees down

      Tailgate 180 degrees down

    • Tailgate 90 degrees (to extend load floor)

      Tailgate 90 degrees (to extend load floor)

    • 180 degrees down
      • Simply release the tailgate—it will drop to 180 degrees down
    • 90 degree position (extended load floor)
      • Grab the handle just below tailgate
      • Rotate 90 degrees clockwise
      • Pull black lever and insert the latch into the tailgate
    • Three external tie-downs on each side of cargo box

      Three external tie-downs on each side of cargo box

    • Two external tie-downs on tailgate of cargo box

      Two external tie-downs on tailgate of cargo box

    • Six internal tie-down points and two access points

      Six internal tie-down points and two access points

    • Close-up of internal tie-down

      Close-up of internal tie-down

    • Eight external tie-down points (three on the left and right sides, two on the tailgate)
    • Six internal tie-down points (outlined in red above) with flip-up attachment rings
      • To flip the ring up, push on the flat spot in the ring
    • Two access points (outlined in yellow above) for transport tie-down rings on the bumper
      • To open the access holes, lift the cargo box and use the tab on the hole cover to slide it open
  • Tie-down points to accommodate two littersTie-down points to accommodate two litters

    Tie down points are designed to accommodate two litters in the cargo box.

Features operating conveniences such as keyless ignition, high-back seats, rifle mount, cup holders, and fuel gauge
    • Dash—right-hand view

      Dash—right-hand view

    • Dash—left-hand view

      Dash—left-hand view

  • Numerous features offer the operator and passenger a smooth, comfortable ride and provide many operating conveniences.

    • Keyless ignition allows quick operation of the vehicle.
      • Same location as the standard ignition
    • Anti-theft cable lock helps prevent theft of unit.
      • Pull the cable out of the dash, wrap around the steering wheel, and lock.
    • Fire extinguisher
    • Rifle mount consists of the rifle butt holder on the floor and clip on the glove compartment area.
      • Holds M4 and M16 rifles
    • Side-by-side, high-back bucket seating provides room for one operator and one passenger.

      • Hip restraints serve as a handhold and help to keep the operator and passenger in their seats over rough terrain.
    • 12-V outlet (good for radio/battery charging)
    • Fuel gauge
    • Hour-meter
    • Two cup holders
    • Keyless ignition

      Keyless ignition

    • Anti-theft cable lock

      Anti-theft cable lock

    • Rifle mount

      Rifle mount

    • Fire extinguisher - located under dash (left side)

      Fire extinguisher - located under dash (left side)

    • Side-by-side bucket seating

      Side-by-side bucket seating

    • 12-V outlet

      12-V outlet

Powered by 18.5-hp*, 0.854-L (854-cm3), three-cylinder, liquid-cooled, four-cycle diesel engine
  • 854 cm<sup>3</sup> diesel engine 854 cm3 diesel engine

    Powered by a 18.5-hp*, 0.854-L (854-cm3), three-cylinder, liquid-cooled, four-cycle diesel engine, the utility vehicle produces 4.56 kg/m (33 lb-ft) of torque.


    *The engine horsepower information is provided by the engine manufacturer to be used for comparison purposes only. The actual operating horsepower will be less.

  • The engine offers the following performance and reliability features:

    • Overhead valve design for greater efficiency and fuel economy
    • Full-pressure lubrication system with replaceable oil filter 
    • Dry replaceable single-element air cleaner with remote intake
    • Indirect injection diesel with glow plugs, ensuring fast starts in cold temperatures
    • Spark-arresting muffler (optional)
    • Dual radiator system for additional cooling capacity
    • Deaeration tank that decreases service time and ensures coolant is free from trapped air
    • 20-L (5.3-gal.) fuel tank capacity (diesel and JP-8 fuel compatible)
  • Single fill point (A) and overflow bottle (B)Single fill point (A) and overflow bottle (B)

    • Two radiators
      • One under the seat
      • One under the hood
    • Overflow bottle added under the hood
    • Single under-hood fill point for entire cooling system
    • Increases vehicle cooling capacity by 30 percent to compensate for the large displacement engine
    • Decreased occurrence of cooling system vapor lock
      • Effect achieved by moving the front radiator to a high point in the system and having an overflow bottle
  • To access the cooling system and under the hood:

    • Unclip the litter carrier pins on both sides of the hood
    • No tools required
Precision-engineered drive system
  • M-Gator A1 drive systemM-Gator A1 drive system

    The M-Gator™ A1's power is transmitted from the transaxle to the center axle. The rear axle is driven by roller chains from the center axle.


    1. High flotation tires
    2. Transaxle
    3. Chain drive
    4. Engine
    5. Variable-speed drive


  • Key elements of the drive system are as follows:


    Variable-speed drive


    Consists of two clutches and a drive belt:

    • Drive clutch is attached to the engine.
    • Driven clutch is attached to the transaxle.

    Features include:

    • Infinite selection of speeds—0 km/h to 32 km/h (0 mph to 20 mph)
    • No shifting necessary as the operator increases speed
    • Adjusts speed to the load to avoid being bogged down when going uphill or through challenging conditions because the wrong gear was selected
  • Variable-speed driveVariable-speed drive


    1. Idle speed
    2. Moderate speed
    3. High speed
    4. Drive clutch
    5. Driven clutch
  • How variable-speed drive works:

    • As engine speed increases, the spring-loaded drive clutch is closed by weights being forced out from centrifugal force.
    • As the drive clutch closes, the belt rides up to the largest diameter of the drive clutch and forces open the driven clutch.
    • With the belt running in the smallest diameter of the driven clutch, the speed being transferred to the transaxle is increased.
    • The driven clutch is designed to sense varying loads (inclines, mud, etc.) and constantly adjusts the drive speed upward or downward, so engine rpm remains constant.




    The transaxle is fully enclosed and runs in oil for reliability.

    Helical gears are used for quiet operation.

    The differential design reduces scuffing of the turf during turns because the inside wheels turn slower than the outside wheels (vehicles that have a solid axle shaft must skid on the inside wheel when making a turn).

    Traction assist (differential lock) is built into the transaxle:

    • Allows locking the rear drive wheels together
    • Provides increased traction in tough spots

    A neutral start safety interlock is provided for the engine ignition system.


    Bolt-on cast-aluminum rear axle housings provide an extremely strong supporting structure.

    • Large, sealed bearings located inside the housing for better protection
    • Forged-splined shaft for increased torsional strength
Operator protection system (OPS) and front litter carrier
    • OPS - extended

      OPS - extended

    • OPS - folded

      OPS - folded

    • Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) certified for rollover protection
    • Can be folded down into the cargo box for transport on aircraft carriers and ships
      • Minimal tools required to fold down the OPS
    • First OPS of its kind on a utility vehicle
    • Lap belts provided for driver and passenger
    • Designed to work in conjunction with R-Gator™ robotics
    • Not compatible with the deluxe cab

    NOTE: Does NOT provide protection for occupants on litter carriers.


    • Front litter carrier

      Front litter carrier

    • Front litter carrier - flipped forward

      Front litter carrier - flipped forward

    • Front litter carrier is standard on the M-Gator A1 (it was an option on the previous version).
    • NATO litter carrier compatible, as well as compatible with many other litter carriers
    • Flips forward to allow access under the hood
    • Rated to hold 250 lb of cargo
    • Designed to hold medical litter
    • Cargo nets available from outside suppliers
    • Not compatible with the deluxe cab
M-Gator™ A1 (2017)
M-Gator™ A1 (Model year 2015)
M-Gator™ A1 (Model year 2016)