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Image showing truset and tool box next to John Deere machine

Expanded Tractor Compatibility for TruSet™

Now you can run TruSet technology on GreenStar™-ready John Deere tractors (20 Series and older) and competitive tractors. TruSet lets you adjust tillage depth and pressure in only six seconds from the comfort of your cab.

Adjust tillage depth and pressure in mere seconds, not minutes.

For the first time ever, you can adjust tillage depth and pressure in only six seconds – a job that used to take 12 to 20 minutes. Without climbing out of your cab. Using only your fingertips. Lowering your operating costs. And never settling for leaving yield in the field.

On average, producers need to make anywhere from four to seven tillage adjustments in an 80-acre field to fit changing field conditions. These adjustments can make a significant difference in crop yield — but existing equipment has simply proven too time-consuming to fine-tune tillage to match varying conditions. John Deere is changing the game. In just six-seconds, you'll eliminate the time issue, boosted your tillage performance and reduced your operating costs.

With a working width up to 26 ft. (8 m), depth accuracy is consistent across each functional area of the 2730 Ripper. Simply make independent depth adjustments of the disks, rippers and closing disks on your GreenStar™ 3 2630 Display to within 1/10th-in. (2.5-mm) accuracy. Plus the down-pressure of the rolling basket from 0 to 900 psi (6200 kPa).

With this level of adjustment, you can lay the perfect groundwork for next year's crop. Ask your John Deere dealer today about TruSet.

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