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The deep-working 425 Disk offers 9 - or 11-inch spacing — perfect for primary tillage in stalks and stubble. And the one-piece welded mainframe is tough enough for rough ground.

Hitch can be set to meet disking needs
    • Hitch bar (1), adjustment holes (2), clevis (3)

      Hitch bar (1), adjustment holes (2), clevis (3)

    The hitch can be set to work directly behind the tractor or offset to the right or left, which is ideal for orchards or vineyards.


    Moving the tongue on the hitch bar (1) provides a course adjustment.


    Changing the angle of the hitch tongue, through a series of holes (2), fine-tunes adjustments.


    The clevis (3) can be assembled so a disk harrow can be used with tractors having either a straight or open-type drawbar.


    A safety chain and hose support are included in base equipment.

One-piece welded mainframe provides reliable strength
    • 425 Offset Disk

      425 Offset Disk

    The mainframe on 225 and 425 Offset Disks is made of one-piece, heavy, structural steel tubing to resist torsional forces on the frame:

    • 102 mm x 102 mm x 5 mm (4 in. x 4 in. x 3/16 in.) on the 225 Offset Disk
    • 76 mm x 127 mm x 10 mm (3 in. x 5 in. x 3/8 in.) on the 425 Offset Disk
Choice of disk blades enables operators to match the disk to the job
  • Blade spacingBlade spacing

    The 225 Disk is available in 229-mm (9-in.) blade spacing, and the 425 Disk is available with 229-mm (9-in.) or 279-mm (11-in.) blade spacing.


    Blade spacing recommendations for best performance are as follows:


    229-mm (9-in.) spacing

    279-mm (11-in.) spacing

    Seedbed preparation All primary tillage
    Chemical incorporation  Heavy residue conditions
    Light primary tillage   
    Average residue levels   
    • Blade shapes (cone, spherical, solid, cutout)

      Blade shapes (cone, spherical, solid, cutout)

    Cone-type or spherical blades are available in a variety of sizes with a solid or cutout design.

    • 559-mm (22-in.) or 610-mm (24-in.) diameter solid or cutout design on 225 Disk
    • 610-mm (24-in.) or 661-mm (26-in.) diameter solid or cutout design on 425 Disk
  • Right rear gang is tapered and includes two smaller disks to feather the soil.


    Blade size (diameter) Blade taper size (diameter)
    559 mm (22 in.) One 508 mm (20 in.) and one 457 mm (18 in.)
    610 mm (24 in.) One 559 mm (22 in.) and one 508 mm (20 in.)
    661 mm (26 in.) One 610 mm (24 in.) and one 559 mm (22 in.)
    • Reduced furrow filler blade

      Reduced furrow filler blade

    A 356-mm (14-in.) diameter furrow filler (arrow) is available to further smooth and level the soil.


    A scraper is included with the furrow filler.

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