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The all-new field general in sprayers is now here. With the power of 346 horses, a tank capacity of 1,200 gallons and booms stretching up to 120 feet, you can boldly approach your corner of the world and declare total swift victory. I run. I spray. I conquer.

This new R4045 Sprayer has it all. The smartest cab in its class. Precise application up to 230 gallons per minute with the high-flow and dual flowmeter. A smooth, steady ride. Dry spinner spreader capacity up to 300 cubic feet. Intelligent time- and money-saving solutions. All fully integrated with the latest John Deere technology to help you conquer more acres in less time.
Direct injection allows operators to manage their chemical risks
    • Field-installed 511-L (135-gal.) direct-injection system

      Field-installed 511-L (135-gal.) direct-injection system

    • Field-installed 889-L (235-gal.) direct-injection system

      Field-installed 889-L (235-gal.) direct-injection system

    As solution tank mixes become more complex, operators need a better way to manage the products they are mixing in helping to reduce the risk of chemical residue. The integrated direct-injection system provides an additional carrying capacity of up to 511 L (135 gal.) on model year 2015 and older R4030/R4038 (serial number 10,999 and lower) machines and up to 889 L (235 gal.) on the model year 2016 and newer R4030/R4038 (serial number 11,001 and higher) and all model year R4045 machines for raw chemicals and allows injection of single, dual, or triple products directly into the boom depending on installed configuration. 

    Machine Carrying capacity Maximum number of chemicals injected
    R4030/R4038 model year 2015 and older (SN 10,999 and lower) 511 L (135 gal.) Two -one high volume, one low volume
    R4030/R4038 model year 2016 and newer (SN 11,000 and higher) 889 L (235 gal.)  Three-two high volume, one low volume
    R4045 889 L (235 gal.) Three-two high volume, one low volume

    NOTE: Low-volume tanks and pumps must be configured with at least one high-volume tank and pump.  High-volume tank and pump can be configured by itself.

    Not only can this help provide quicker changeovers and faster cleanouts, it also helps lower the risk of using multiple chemicals. This is accomplished by allowing operators the ability to isolate higher-residual risk chemicals in the injection system while mixing lower-risk chemicals in the solution tank.

    Direct injection can help expand the versatility that an operator has throughout the day while adding additional performance and uptime as they manage the product that they are applying.

    Model year 2017 direct-injection systems (attachments BKK10302, BKK10303, BKK10304, BKK10305) will have pump rinse functionality added. Pump rinse functionality can also be added to a current direct-injection system by adding a three-way inlet valve to each DI pump. The three-way valve connects on one port to the chemical tank for normal operation (injection) and to the clean water rinse tank on the other port (for daily pump rinse).

    This feature allows for rinse water to be pulled from rinse tank, through the pump head, and out of the boom mixing chamber. This yields the following benefits:

    • Automatic rinse system, integrated with pump operating modes, cleans chemical out of pump
    • Reduce chemical residual buildup in pump
    • Improved maintenance process, while enabling product to be stored in direct-injection tanks between operation
ExactApply™ nozzle control increases precision application to maximize yield potential
  • ExactApply nozzle controlExactApply nozzle control

    With ExactApply nozzle control, sprayer operators will see an increase in productivity and spray speed ranges, will be able to better manage drift, and will have improved spray quality and precision.

    ExactApply offers operators:

    • Individual nozzle control
    • Pulse-width modulation of 15 and 30 hz
    • Wider speed range while maintaining target rate and pressure
    • Turn compensation
    • Light-emitting diode (LED) lighting
    • Nozzle switching (automatic/manual)
    • Ability to apply liquid nitrogen at wider range of speeds
    • Air induction nozzle compatibility
    • Programmable rates by nozzle/selection (for example, a higher rate behind rear tires)
    • Key fob for nozzle diagnostics

    NOTE: ExactApply will be available as a factory-installed option on model year 2018 R4030, R4038, and R4045 Sprayers with stainless-steel plumbing and 38.1- or 50.8-cm (15- or 20-in.) nozzle spacing.


Faster spray and transport speed allow operators to get to the field sooner
    • Field speeds increased to 40 kph (25 mph)

      Field speeds increased to 40 kph (25 mph)

    • Road speeds increased to 56 kph (35 mph)

      Road speeds increased to 56 kph (35 mph)

    Efficiency and productivity are key drivers to any successful application operation. To meet this need, the R4038 and R4045 have increased spray and transport speeds allowing operators to get jobs done faster and move onto the next field sooner. Operators can now travel 25 percent faster across the field, allowing them to spray more acres per day. Transport speed has also been increased by 16.5 percent, which gets operators to the next field quicker. This translates into a 40 km/h (25 mph) spray speed and 56 km/h (35 mph) road transport speed, boosting overall productivity throughout the day.

CommandView™ III cab offers unsurpassed amenities
  • 4 Series Sprayer operator station4 Series Sprayer operator station

    When operators first enter the Command View III cab, they will notice that significant changes have been made. Key sprayer controls are more easily accessible to the operator on the redesigned CommandARM™ control panel and the multifunction handle has a more ergonomic fit and feel.

    The multifunction handle has six reconfigurable buttons, a scroll to select speed range, and allows operators to better manage their headlands with the Headland Management System (HMS™) button. To finish out the upgrades, the GreenStar™ display has been upgraded to a faster, more user-friendly 4600 CommandCenter™ display, which allows operators to efficiently capture, manage, and transfer data.

    Comfort continues to be enhanced by the ComfortCommand™ seat, which offers both fore-aft and lateral attenuation along with 15 degrees of right-hand seat swivel on all cab options. For first-class comfort, the premium cab offers a heated/ventilated leather seat and light-emitting diode (LED) cab lights.

    The 4 Series Sprayers are JDLink™ telematics system capable, which enable features such as John Deere Wireless Data Transfer (WDT), Service ADVISOR™ Remote diagnostics, and Remote Display Access (RDA). These integrated solutions enable additional uptime and reduce cost of operation. All of the CommandView III cab features allow operators to run longer hours, increasing the ability to get more acres sprayed in a day.

Smooth, stable ride enables operator comfort and better maneuverability
    • Dual strut suspension

      Dual strut suspension

    • Smoother ride in field

      Smoother ride in field

    Machine performance and operator comfort are requirements during long days of operation. The field-proven dual strut independent wheel air-ride suspension reduces overall machine maintenance. This suspension also provides a best-in-class ride, which is expected from John Deere Sprayers, even in the roughest fields.

Load Command™ system offers unmatched loading performance
  • Custom applicators are consistently looking for ways to achieve more acres per day. For this, John Deere offers the Load Command system, a fully-integrated solution designed specifically for the R4045 Self-Propelled Sprayer.


    With this solution, load applicators are able to load 4542 L (1200 gal.) of liquid in as fast as 3 minutes. This increased loading time allows for more spraying time or more acres per day.


    The Load Command system is a revolutionary product that further complements the three-season asset-utilization value offered by John Deere’s largest sprayer.


    How it works


    The Load Command system allows the operator to pull the sprayer up to the tender unit, couple the Load Command tender arm to the Load Command coupler on the sprayer, and receive a full 4542-L (1200-gal.) load in as fast as 3 minutes.


    Load Command dramatically reduces the fill time and the amount of operator interface time. When the system completes loading, the couplers automatically disengage from each other. This allows the operator to remain in the cab with the ability to quickly return to spraying.


    By providing improved loading times, the John Deere R4045 Sprayer with Load Command is more versatile, more productive, and will provide a better overall return on investment.


    With the ability to create more spraying time, the Load Command system enables a custom applicator to achieve more value by applying products more efficiently and, in turn, generating more revenue per season.


    NOTE: Load Command and Front Fill are not compatible to be installed on the machine at the same time. Additionally, load Command is compatible as a field-installed bundle for the 4542-L (1200-gal.) 4940 machine as well.


    Additional information

    • Tender arm
    • Couplers
    • Load Command pump
36-m (120-ft) boom with swing-link suspension eliminates additional passes through the field
  • Make fewer passes through the field and reduce compaction, as well as time spent spraying, with the optional 36 m (120 ft) boom.

    All 27-m (90-ft), 30-m (100-ft), and 36-m (120-ft) booms are more stable thanks to the swing link suspension, which helps translate rough areas in the field into horizontal (side-to-side) movement of the boom rather than lateral (up and down) movement. This additional stability means increased productivity as the boom now has the ability to more accurately maintain spray height above the crop, delivering a precise spray pattern. The swing link suspension also translates into uptime as the additional stability means less crop damage, resulting in less mechanical boom damage.

    Finally, the enhanced design allows the boom to unfold and fold faster, getting the operators into the field more quickly, and the flat fold design delivers superior transport visibility.

Dry spinner spreader compatibility increases versatility by allowing the conversion of a machine with a wet solution system into a dry nutrient applicator with a 5.6- m3 (200-cu ft) or 8.5-m3 (300-cu ft) carrying capacity
  • At the end of the spraying season operators can keep their sprayers working for them by converting them to dry nutrient applicators with the addition of the New Leader® DN456 or DN485 Dry Spinner Spreader dependent upon the dry product they wish to apply. This conversion can be completed in as little as four hours and involves the removal of the wet solution skid and the installation of the dry spinner spreader.

    The DN456 features a carrying capacity of up 5.6 m3 (200 cu ft) of dry fertilizer or Ag lime while the larger DN485 features a carrying capacity of up to 8.5 m3 (300 cu ft) of dry fertilizer only. The DN456 is capable of holding 6.6 tons of fertilizer or 10 tons of ag lime and the DN485 is capable of holding 10 tons of fertilizer with variable rate applications from 34 kg/ha (75 lb/acre u)p to 3 ton/ha (acre). The 1.83-m (72-in.) spinner heights allow spread width up to 32 m (105 ft) as it propels material across the pass. This equates to a consistent spread pattern across the field and decreased cost of operation for the 4 Series Sprayers.

    The DN456 and DN485 can be ordered with either 304 stainless-steel or 409 painted spreader material, single or dual product bin configuration, with either #4 belt over chain or #5 straight belt conveyor configurations.

    New Leader is a trademark of Highway Equipment Company.

Solution Command System (SCS) allows for automation at the fill station
    • Solution Command offer push button loading

      Solution Command offer push button loading

    • 12-button keypad and micro-display

      12-button keypad and micro-display

    The 4 Series Sprayers are available with the SCS and have been completely redesigned to allow for quick and easy operation at the load station for operators of all skill levels. This optional system allows for complete automation at the load station with a 12-button keypad. The features include the following:

    • Fill station light on/off
    • Pump on/off
    • Agitation
    • Pump speed increase
    • Pump speed decrease
    • Eductor on/off
    • Master on/off
    • Automated rinse cycle
    • Visual nozzle check
    • Pull-on fill
    • Push-on fill
    • Target fill

    The system also features a micro-display, which provides real-time feedback on the system operations, as well as the ability to select a rinse method and the ability to monitor progress during the automated rinse function. Overall, the enhanced Solution Command System increases operational performance by increasing ease of use through automation at the load station.

  • Engine
    • Peak rated power
      • 1 258 kW
      • 2 346 hp
    • Emissions
      • 1 Final Tier 4
    • Number of cylinders
      • 1 6
    • Displacement
      • 1 9.0 L
      • 2 549 cu in.
    • Alternator
      • 1 200 amp
    • Fuel tank capacity
      • 1 586.7 L
      • 2 155 gal.
    • Diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) tank capacity
      • 1 29.5 L
      • 2 7.8 gal.
    • Make
      • 1
  • Solution system
    • Capacity
      • 1 4542 L
      • 2 1200 gal.
    • Tank material
      • 1 Stainless steel
    • Rinse tank capacity
      • 1 646 L
      • 2 170 gal.
    • Quick fill size
      • 1 7.6 cm
      • 2 3 in.
    • Automatic section control
      • 1 John Deere Section Control (optional)
    • Solution system control
      • 1 Automatic (optional) or manual
    • Fill location
      • 1 Side, opt. front, LoadCommand
    • Chemical injection method
      • 1 Direct injection (optional)
    • Chemical eductor
      • 1 Stainless steel
    • Chemical eductor capacity (size)
      • 1 32 L
      • 2 8.5 gal.
    • Flow meter size
      • 1 5.1 cm
      • 2 2 in.
    • Suction strainer
      • 1 20 mesh
    • Pressure strainer
      • 1 50 mesh
    • Boom strainer
      • 1 80 mesh
    • Display
      • 1
    • Rate control make
      • 1
  • Boom
    • Boom length options
      • 1 27, 30, 36 m
      • 2 90, 100, 120 ft
    • Automatic boom height
      • 1 BoomTrac Pro -5 sensor (optional)
    • Plumbing material
      • 1 Stainless, polypropylene
    • Ground height adjustment
      • 1 50 - 245 cm
      • 2 19.6 - 96.5 in.
    • Breakaway width
      • 1 3.3 m
      • 2 10.8 ft
    • Boom sections
      • 1 7, 9, 11 ft
  • Drivetrain
    • Type
      • 1 Hydrostatic
    • Drive
      • 1 Full-time 4WD
    • Shifting
      • 1 Electrohydraulic
    • Hydraulic reservoir capacity
      • 1 98.4 L
      • 2 26 gal.
    • Spray speed range
      • 1 40 km/h
      • 2 25 mph
    • Transport speed, maximum
      • 1 56 km/h
      • 2 35 mph
  • Chassis
    • Dry compatible
      • 1 Yes - 200, 300 cu ft
    • Suspension
      • 1 Dual strut independent wheel air-ride suspension
    • Crop clearance with standard tires
      • 1 147 cm
      • 2 58 in.
    • Front tires
      • 1 380/105 R50, 420/95 R50, 480/80 R50
    • Rear tires
      • 1 380/105 R50, 420/95 R50, 480/80 R50
    • Flotation tires
      • 1 620/70 R46, 800/55 R46
    • Hydraulic tread adjust
      • 1 Hydraulic
    • Wheel tread spacing
      • 1 305-406 cm
      • 2 120-160 in.
    • Wheel base
      • 1 430 cm
      • 2 169.3 in.
    • Turning radius
      • 1 9.2 m
      • 2 30.2 ft
    • Parking brake
      • 1 Spring-engaged, hydraulic-disengaged wet- disk pack
    • Primary brakes
      • 1 Hydrostatic
    • Ladder raise/lower
      • 1 Hydraulic
    • Total weight with 80-ft boom
      • 1 N/A
    • Total weight with 90-ft boom
      • 1 16,068 kg
      • 2 35,350 lb
    • Total weight with 100-ft boom
      • 1 16,146 kg
      • 2 35,521 lb
    • Total weight with 120-ft boom
      • 1 16,400 kg
      • 2 36,080 lb
  • Options
    • Air compressor
      • 1 On Board Air Standard
    • Foam marker capacity
      • 1 Injection Foamer
    • Remote service tools
      • 1
  • Additional information
    • Date collected
      • 1