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The 1814DC Carry-All Scraper is a six-tire scraper that carries 18 cu yd of material and has a 14-ft cut width. This scraper works well for construction contractors bulk-hauling materials using 360-hp to 575-hp tractors.
  • Top-loading scrapers increase productivity for all applications.

  • Maximize productivity, minimize costs with 1/2 the cost, 1/3 the investment.

  • AutoLoad™ for smooth loading and efficient operation.

Sequence valveSequence valve coordinates hydraulic functions on carry-all scrapers. All John Deere carry-all scrapers have three hydraulic functions: Scraper blade – lift/lower, Gate – open/close, and Bucket – dump/return.

Scraper with Tandem Steel LinesAll ejector and carry-all scrapers are manufactured as front scrapers with tandem steel lines. Doing so increases the versatility of the scraper fleet by allowing all of the ejector scrapers to be connected as a front or rear scraper.

Hydraulic hose optionsJohn Deere scrapers are manufactured with one set of hoses to fit both long and short drawbar tractors. Hose options are available to hook scrapers in tandem or triple configurations.

Steel hydraulic linesHigh-quality, all-steel, zinc-coated hydraulic lines protect from damage, leakage, and corrosion.

Hydraulic decal locationHydraulic function decal takes the guesswork out of connecting scrapers.

Tractor and scraper haul roadScrapers solve flotation and compaction needs. Contractors race against the clock to complete projects no matter what obstacles they encounter. The most common obstacles include rain and poor soils. They require the use of dependable earthmoving equipment that's light on its tires and the land. When it comes to flotation, the John Deere scraper cannot be beat.

Scraper tire optionsA variety of tire size are available for all John Deere scraper models.

Scraper drawbar optionsJohn Deere Scraper drawbars are available in two styles: yoke and quick attach.

John Deere scraper tractor drawbar optionsJohn Deere builds many types of scraper drawbars to use when pulling John Deere scrapers. It is important to know what model tractor will be pulling the scrapers when looking for a matching drawbar. John Deere 9R Series Scraper Tractors offer three types of heavy-duty drawbar supports: track, long, and short.

Fixed-mounted scraper brakeScraper brake options increase stopping power. These heavy-duty scraper brakes are equipped with fixed-mount, dual-opposition, self-retracting pistons, and heavy-duty seals for long lining life.
Tooth blade configurationJohn Deere scraper blade options include straight blade configuration, drop-center blade configuration and tooth blade configuration.

Adjustable cast-router bitsJohn Deere scraper blade options include straight blade configuration, drop-center blade configuration and tooth blade configuration.

Standard bladesThe scraper's blade support is made of high-strength steel and features two rows of bolts spaced 6-in. apart. The 152.4-mm (6-in.) spacing provides room for John Deere's exclusive multi-segmented blades.

Carry-all extended rear bumperNavigate the toughest conditions with extended rear bumpers. In harsh conditions such as mud, hardpan, and gumbo, an assist is sometimes needed. Whether the tractor is stuck in mud or an ejector needs a crawler to assist in loading, John Deere has a solution.

Ejector bolt-on rear quick-attachScraper-to-scraper rear quick-attach options take the pain out of coupling and uncoupling.

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